Late Night Wilting

Fall delicately against my soft petals

Be still


You start breathing better

Let me spill, every golden pill in your heart to

Set your stem at ease

Until you’re my wet art

And the gold buries your body, your heart


Gold Flower

I will never ask the maple trees to love me

They’re too tall

To even see

Colors keep leaving on their leaves

So I too should be

Since this morning I’ve been yellow

And so everyone can predict me

I may have flaws on my petals

But my syrup ‘s overly sweet

My stems may be short

But my lines are cleaner to read


Valentine's Day Poem

He’s already stepped on my petal

And I’ve already breathed his company

Many leaves ago

When I could still breathe

But I kept losing all the honey

Wish he’d see my tusks eat gold

I was meant to bloom in gold

And I was meant to be breathless

Because mother always said water and gold never lose their color

Oxygen doesn’t even have hue

And so I don’t need you

Leaf’s Last Note

Every time I ask for water

I am given dirt

Can the wind offer some rain drops

Left over?

I can’t blurt

My pain, my love for the rain.

So, maybe I’ll draw my vein

Until the mud takes over.

I can’t take being this sober. 



Giving Up

I bled blue yesterday

There can’t be any red hue

When all my hope was absorbed by you


I would trade my blue for your red any day

But, its too late for me to see any color any way


Wish You Would Change My Mind

heaven is just a fairytale,

A non-fiction unread

No one highlights or bookmarks  

A glory chapter of the dead.